Forestry Sectors

MAPe IT Solutions provide the Environment and Forestry sectors with cost effective solutions to their monitoring and assessment needs. Our full complement of leading edge data capture technologies allows us to tailor solutions for all of our clients' geospatial data needs, from small scale habitat assessment to wide area monitoring.

Forests are important renewable natural resources and play a significant role in preserving an environment suitable for human life. The Geographical Information System, Global Positioning System, and Remote Sensing are important technological applications that provide foresters with powerful tools for record keeping, analysis and decision making. With the help of such applications, accurate information can be remotely and easily obtained.

Our Forestry Services Include The Following

  • Monitoring afforestation plans
  • Supervising plantation schemes
  • Habitat mapping
  • Land capability mapping.
  • Land cover pattern change
  • In-depth mapping and customisable user applications for strategic planning and modelling.