Ortho Mapping

Orthorectification is the process of removing the distortion within an image caused by terrain relief and the camera. This is done by modeling the nature and magnitude of geometric distortions in the imagery. Camera or satellite models in conjunction with limited ground control, allow construction of correction formulae that produce accurate, geometrically correct, map-oriented imagery. MAPe IT Solution PVT LTD uses Leica Photogrammetric Suite to produce orthoimages.

Orthophoto requires Thermal Imagery Processing, RGB & CIR Orthophotography and Black & White Orthophotography. It allows precise calculation of planimetric distances with real life representation of ground areas. Orthorectification allows element such as roads, plan views of buildings, railway lines, woodland, rivers and lakes etc.

Our Orthophoto generation Services include :

  • Ortho rectification and Orthophoto interpretation
  • Elevation data.
  • Orthomosaic generation.
  • Image orientation, Color balancing and image mosaicing.
  • Block adjustment, Seamline editing and Tile cutting
  • Quality assurance and quality control.