Aerial(UAV) Drone Survey

Engineers, drone pilots, GIS experts, and software developers make up the Mape IT Solutions team, which has provided India with a number of drone solutions. We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions for our clients, starting with the collecting of drone data and continuing through its processing, analysis, and development of integration with online and mobile applications.

The way business is currently conducted has undoubtedly changed significantly as a result of drone and UAV technologies. Since their introduction, these aerial vehicles have influenced every imaginable sector of the economy. People are using drone surveying services since their benefits have been periodically demonstrated.

We have quick team mobilisation and project delivery capabilities because to our fleet of drones and network of drone pilots spread throughout India. Our systems use multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAVs that can carry payloads including high-zoom cameras, thermal cameras, NIR sensors, and cameras with multiple spectral sensors. Drone survey and mapping, photogrammetry data processing, 3D model creation, drone inspection, GIS, and automated report generating are just a few of the drone services we offer.

Our web-based drone data management platform enables you to host, view, share, and collaborate over drone data like orthophoto, contours, DEM, and drone videos, assisting businesses and governmental organisations with infrastructure planning, project progress monitoring, and critical asset management. We are a leading drone company in India.

We provide following Solutions:

  • Geo-referenced Ortho-Mosaics.
  • Multispectral Photogrammetric Applications.
  • Drones in Mining.
  • Digital Elevation Model(DEM).
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM).
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM) |.
  • 3D Modeling
  • Point Cloud Generation.
  • 3D Mesh.
  • Contour Line.
  • Volumetric Calculations.
  • Thermal inspection.
  • Agriculture and Forestry.
  • Corridor Mapping and Videography.